Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day 2012!

My friend posted 29 things she loved as a way to celebrate Leap Day (check it out: Lee's Blog ) and I thought it was a great idea! I have been wanting to get back to blogging but different things have held me back. Leap day seems like a perfect day to start posting again! I may post again tomorrow or in a week or maybe next leap year :)

29 Random things I love Created on Leap Day 2/29/12

1. Abbie's brand new smile
2. My home
3. The weather in Virginia
4. Roasted Vegetables
5. The way Lucy stretches in the morning
6. Pandora internet radio
7. That Sam is trying harder in school
8. Creating
9. Pinterest
10. My cozy bed
11. Helping Jacob learn to drive
12. Trees that are budding
13. Lazy Sunday morning with the kids
14. Having a friend that lives close by
15. My camera
16. Salted Dark Chocolate
17. My teeth
18. Word games
19. The ability to fast forward through commercials
20. Having supportive parents
21. Dreaming up crafty projects with Kristin to do together
22. When Abbie asks me to do her hair
23. Reconnecting with old friends
24. Getting a great deal
25. That Jacob still kisses me goodbye every morning
26. Lucy laying on my lap when I watch TV
27. The scent of the Yankee candle in the kitchen
28. The birds chirping outside (hello spring!)
29. Feeling inspired again
What are you loving these days?