Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ahhhh summer! Part of me loves it and the other part is having trouble adjusting to the lack of structure. That will all change next week when Sam starts summer school - he has to be there by 7:30 so we (him and I at least) will be back to getting up early and maybe going to bed at a reasonable time. He is off every Friday so I am thinking that would be a great day to schedule some "family fun days!"

Since my kids are teens now - they are going in all different directions - so I think a designated day will be great :) Today I plan to pin them down and ask each child for input then put it on the calendar (That is key for me - if it is not on the calendar it never seems to happen.)

I love having a map - even if the day just says "be lazy" Here is to a plan!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Monday June 18, 2012

Schools out for summer. Sam is thrilled "YES!" June 2012

Hello Summer Break. The kids are looking forward to 75 days off.

Hello Clouds. It has been sunny and hot here - hoping the clouds mean a little rain today.

Hello 2nd Half of Class. Feeling Scrappy class is keeping me busy but happy :)

Hello Cake Pops. Abbie and I are making them today.

Hello Lack of Schedule. It does not suit me well.

Hello Word Games. Been enjoying a few on the Kindle with friends.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

8th Grade Dance

Short Pump Middle School held the 8th grade dance last night and Sam was excited to go. We met his date and a few couples that were going together before the dance to take some quick photos. Then off they went! When I picked up Sam from the after party - he said it was the best time he had had all year! So glad he will have this happy memories. Thought I would share a few of the photos I took (I am sure I will have many more from the actual dance as the kids start posting them online!)

Here are a few with Sam and his date Kaitlyn:

Just the guys:

Just the girls:

The whole group:

Remember when we were that young?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Monday June 4, 2012

Took the kids to the drive-in last night and we all loved it! June 2012

Hello Monday. Where did you go?

Hello Feeling Scrappy Class. We started today with our first sketch of the month.

Hello Broken Air Conditioner. Luckily it is on the 3rd floor so Abbie can sleep downstairs until we get it fixed.

Hello week before school finals. The kids are almost done for the year.

Hello Hamburger. Defrosted now to decide what to do with it for dinner.

Hello Europe. I just registered Abbie for a trip with school to Paris next March!

Hope you all have a great week on tap!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Day :)

Photo taken last week on a rainy day of a little mum in the front yard May 2012

What a great weekend! The weather has been fantastic - you know, the kind of days when everything is just right! Not to hot, not to cold with a nice little breeze - bright blue skies with a few fluffy cloud - just so you can really see how blue the rest is :) Birds chirping - no bugs! Nothing really pressing on the schedule but enough fun things to keep us from being bored. Perfect I tell you! Loving it!!

Have been getting all ready for my first Feeling Scrappy Class since my self imposed break (we start tomorrow!) and I am so grateful and blessed for all the support everyone has given me. Thanks friends!

Life is good today :)