Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello Monday 7/30/12

Hello Olympics. Nothing like it!
Hello Pierced Ears. Abbie finally got up the nerve.
Hello Volley Ball. Sam is trying out for the high school team. Fingers crossed.
Hello Job Hunt. I think Jacob is finally ready.
Hello Class Prep. Getting ready for Feeling Scrappy's next class.
Hello Laundry. Perpetually on the list.
Hello Apples, Brie and Fresh Bread. Sounds like dinner. Yum!

Have a great week! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday

My sassy pup Lucy :) July 2012
And yes- she is on the kitchen table. No worries, I washed it well after we put her down.

My friend Char listed 10 random things she is loving today and I thought I would play along.

1.) Having my kids home with me for the summer. It makes for some crazy days but I know my time with them is dwindling so I will take and treasure every moment.
2.) Little Lu - it has taken me awhile to adjust to this sassy little pup but she has wormed her way into my heart.
3.) Roasted Veggies. I toss whatever is on sale at the store into a high oven with a little olive oil and seasonings and yum!
4.) Creativity. I am spending more time on creative pursuits and I am loving it!
5.) The feeling of strength that comes from being the only adult in the house and having to make all decisions alone. It is scary and lonely sometimes but when all is said and done you realize you can do it and do it well!
6.) Air conditioning - can't even imagine living with out it!
7.) A Beautiful place to walk. I feel blessed to have a beautiful walking trail that starts just one house down from mine. I am making a real effort to use it often.
8.) The over head fan in my room. Never had one before and didn't think I would use it but I actually like the feeling of the air circulating and the quiet noise in makes.
9.) Coupons. I don't actually love coupons but I do love the money they save me which really helps.
10.) Friends - both local and far away- both in person and on-line. They ground me and make me feel connected. They entertain me and make me laugh. The love and support me. What is not to love about friends?!

What are you loving today?