Monday, October 15, 2007

Monthly Contest Winner

Journaling: *sigh of relief* You're finally asleep. At 15 months, you have started throwing tantrums if you don't get your way. A lot of times you want something but are unable to verbalize it and get frustrated and start whining. You constantly grab our hands and drag us to where you want us to go and it's exhausting. So for two hours a day during your nap, there is relief, a break from the whining and fussing, and a chance for both of us to rest. I don't even mind if you snore a little bit because it just means you're asleep. Snooze away, baby, snooze away.

Congratulations to Andrea Friebus from CA for having this month's winning layout! Our theme was "Give me a Break!" and the team loved Andrea's original take on the idea! Be sure to check out our new contest that will be posted today!
One more week to get your application in for the Feeling Scrappy Creative Team! The deadline is October 22nd and I encourage everyone to give it a shot - no experience in needed :)

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marcibun said...

Wow, thats a great layout. Good choice!