Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am so thrilled that spring is finally here in full force! The area is so beautiful filled with blooms and everything is so green! We have a large crab apple tree in the front yard that is beyond beautiful. Thought I would share a few photos I took with you. Enjoy it while it lasts! :)


Deanne said...

Wow!! We have the same kind of trees and they are not ready to bloom for at least another month!!! In Newfoundland, I've woken up 2 mornings this week to snow on the ground! Brrrrr, so flowers refuse to bloom in that kind of weather! Your trees are gorgeous! I get pics of mine blooming every year too!

Brenda said...

What beautiful blooms! We used to have crab apple trees but I don't recall the blooms as beautiful as yours.