Saturday, September 6, 2008

WW Biscuit Recipe

I got this recipe for 1 point biscuits at my Weight Watchers meeting on Wednesday and tried them out last night - YUM! (Of course I couldn't just leave them alone - so I will share my variations too)

Original recipe:

6 Tbls self rising flour
3 Tbls skim milk
1 1/2 tsp non-fat plain yogurt

Heat over to 425 and spray cookie sheet. Mix all together and drop two spoonfuls onto sheet. Bake 10 -13 minutes.

Makes 2 biscuits at 1 point each.

I made mine into dessert:

6 Tbls self rising flour
3 Tbls skim milk
2 tsp diet strawberry yogurt
1 tsp splenda
fat free cool whip

Heat oven to 425 and spray your pan. Mix together and drop spoonfuls onto sheet.
Bake 10-13 minutes. split biscuits open and top with a few slices strawberries and a dollop of cool whip. Enjoy!
Serves 2 at 2 points (made a little less!)


Marci Knecht said...

Thanks for this Jayne! I'm trying this for sure. Keep em coming ;)

Congrats on the weight loss, you've inspired me. Actually knowing someone who has been able to lose weight on the program makes all the difference.

Stacey said...

So cool! I can't wait to try this recipe!