Thursday, November 12, 2009

8 Things: On My Nightstand

It is the second day in a row of rain here in Richmond. It's dark, gloomy, wet and a chilly 47 degrees right now all of which makes me want to crawl back into bed with a good book! For today's 8 Things I am going to tell you what is on my night stand.

1.) A Lamp - I love my lamp. I found it at Restoration Hardware about 6 years ago and I really liked it so my Dad got one for each side of the bed for us for Christmas that year.
2.) A Clock - I have had this same clock since I was in college - hey it still works so why change it?
3.) The Clapper - well not really a clapper but that is what I call it. I had always joked that I wanted the clapper to turn off my lights so I wouldn't have to lean out of the bed. Well last summer Don's mom got me this auto switch that sits on the corner of my night stand. Perfect!
4.) Water - you will always find a bottle of water on my night stand. I don't drink it very often but just in case.
5.) Lotion - I always keep some lotion there and put it on most nights before bed.
6.) Books - currently there are 4 in the stack.
7.) Bird - I have a little bronze bird statue that my Mom got me last spring break - it sits on top of my "to read" pile of books.
8.)Magazines - I have two there now - Scrapbooks Etc and Good Housekeeping.

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