Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have been "couponing" since last year and am still amazed by what you can get for so little money! I can not believe what I used to pay for things - it was like tossing money out the window. This is what I got this week from CVS:

2 - bottles of Gatorade
4 - boxes of Pop-tarts (8 ct. each)
1 - large box of Q-tips
1 - Sunday newspaper
1 - 10 pack of papermate pens
1 - 5 inch pair of scissors
1 - full size John Frieda mousse
1 - full size John Frieda gel
1 bag starburst gummi candy

My grand total for all of these items after coupons and extra care bucks was $1.98! Less then the cost of the Sunday paper alone!

Crazy right?!


Stacey said...

Good to see you back! I have missed you! Awesome deals. I haven't been good about checking for sales/coupons lately...and since Albertsons closed here, I certainly can't get the deals I used to (no CVS here). Anyhow...hope you are doing well these days!

Empty Tippy said...

Hi, that is great! I would love to do that well. I coupon clip but not consistently so my result are a little more spread out. That is amazing though!