Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Signs of Summer

They heard the music before they saw the truck and came running to me jumping up and down and screaming "Mom, its the ice cream truck!" "Can we?" "Hurry! Before he leaves!" After a mad dash for money in my purse, they ran out the door just in time to catch the truck. (I did another mad dash of my own for the camera and was reward with a photo of their first ice cream truck treat of the summer.) Love these little moments of childhood JOY! I know that ice cream tasted much better then the treats we have in the freezer because it came straight from the man himself.

Sam and Abbie picking out their treats (I gave them a $5 because I was in a hurry and of course they each managed to pick a treat that was exactly $2.50):
Enjoying the prized ice cream truck ice cream on our front porch:
Enjoy the little things while you can!


Becky said...

It is the little things. :D Happy memories.

shirley said...

Feel lucky the ice cream man frequents your neighborhood. We have yet to see them here and it is such a summer time memory for me growing up.