Friday, May 18, 2012


I spent the morning - not doing what I should be doing. Instead, I did what I wanted to be doing - what I needed to be doing. As I mentioned yesterday I am taking Ali Edwards 31 things writing class - my plan is to write everyday. I know all the writing will not find its way onto scrapbook pages during the class but I will be doing a few of them. Here is my first one - it is simple and unadorned. :)

The prompt was jewelry. I have done pages before about my jewelry and I thought this lack of jewelry was a more important story to tell. Here is the 6x12 page I created. (You can click on the photo it to get a closer look at the writting)

Now back to doing things I should be doing - like getting this house in order before the weekend. Hope you have a great day!


pnutsmum said...

Touching Jayne! The simplicity of the layout so that your journaling remains the focus = mission accomplished! Thanks for sharing this personal piece of yourself!

Becky said...

Nicely done! (hugs)