Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Monday June 4, 2012

Took the kids to the drive-in last night and we all loved it! June 2012

Hello Monday. Where did you go?

Hello Feeling Scrappy Class. We started today with our first sketch of the month.

Hello Broken Air Conditioner. Luckily it is on the 3rd floor so Abbie can sleep downstairs until we get it fixed.

Hello week before school finals. The kids are almost done for the year.

Hello Hamburger. Defrosted now to decide what to do with it for dinner.

Hello Europe. I just registered Abbie for a trip with school to Paris next March!

Hope you all have a great week on tap!


Cyn M said...

Paris! WOW! Now that would be a trip I would want to chaperone!!! ;)

pnutsmum said...

Bummer about the A/C... Good thing it's been cooler lately than "normal", whatever that is! Yippeee for the registration!! I wanna go! I think Abbie needs me to chaperone her. LOL!!