Sunday, June 3, 2007

Off to Camp

Jacob (Our 11 year old) is off to camp. We just dropped him off for a week long camp. I have to admit this was Don's idea and I was nervous to send my little guy off BUT I also admit that after seeing the camp and seeing Jacob engrossed in conversation with a boy about Muskie (he went to a speciality fishing camp!) I felt much better leaving him. I hope he has the time of his life this week!! How exciting to be young and be on your first adventure all on your own! We pick him up next Saturday and I am anxious to here how it all went!

It will be nice to spend some time alone with my younger two and I also hope to scrap some this week. Plus our first class at Feeling Scrappy starts tomorrow so I have a fun week ahead and I am super excited about that. :)

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Suzanne said...

Aww, Jaynie, he'll do great! Maybe he'll even want a second week! LOL Hugs! OH! SO excited about the class!