Sunday, November 16, 2008

Get Real :)

Marie Antoinette Award
"The Real Person Award"

My super sweet friend Char, has given me the "Real Person Award"! I am honoured to receive this from Char - she is not only a REAL person but she has one of the biggest heart I know! Thank you Char!
I would like to pass this Marie Antoinette award on to...

Of course there are more - many more - but a few have already been giving the award and I was only suppose to list 7 :) I love the web - it has opened up the world to all of us enabling us to met and become friends with people that in the past we may never have had the pleasure.
The rules for this award are to display the icon, and pass it along to seven (7) other bloggers that you feel are real in who they are.
Be real!

1 comment:

Char said...

awww, thanks Jayne! Your award is well deserved! Now I wish we could meet in REAL life!