Monday, February 2, 2009

10 Things - "T"

My friend Lee posted a writing-prompt and I asked to play along so she sent me the letter "T" - I am just now getting to this but it was fun so thanks Lee!

The rules of the game are simple. Once assigned a letter you are to post 10 things that you love which begin with that letter. (If you want to play, leave me a message saying you want to play in my comment area. I’ll assign a random letter and on and on it goes.)

Here goes - in no particular order!

1.) Travel - I absolutely love to travel. From planning the trip to scrapbooking about it afterwards and everything in between. I honestly feel that every trip I take stretches who I am and broadens my horizons.
2.) Thai food - yum. My favorite take out item - the spicier the better.
3.) Trader Joe's - I feel healthier just walking in the place. I like the fact that I can get "different" items there then the normal grocery store and everyone is always so friendly - workers and shoppers alike.
4.) Trees - I knew the minute I saw Omaha that no matter what I would grow to love about it - I would never love the lack of trees. I am trilled to be in Virginia now with trees galore! I can still see house but I see a nice gathering of large trees out of every window. Ahhhhh.....
5.) Treats - I love to give my dog Zoe her treats. She is very food motivated and therefore easy to train - she will do anything for a good treat. (Heck! She is not the only one :wink:)
6.) Touring - I really enjoy going on all those tours of old homes and historic sites. You can learn so much about the way people lived and I always find it fascinating.
7.) Teasing - one way I show my love it by teasing someone - ask my kids - I tease them all the time.
8.) Teeth - my teeth to be exact. There are not a great many things I like about my physical appearance but I do like my teeth. Never had to have braces - they came in nice and straight just like my Mom's. Thanks Mom!
9.) Thunder - nothing like a good thunder storm when you and those you love are safe and sound in the cozy house. Perfect for a good read!
10.) Teddy Bears - although I don't believe in having a ton of stuffed animals - I do think everyone need one good teddy bear. (Plus I love the story of how Teddy Bears came about!)


Lee said...

Great job, Jayne. I'm so glad you participated :) I agree with the thunderstorms ... love them! And had to laugh at the trees - I lived in Calgary for 8 years and the trees there are wimpy, really wimpy. I went to England for a visit in 1994 and my dad just laughed at my tree-hugging ways. I was thrilled to move back to Ontario where I have plenty of trees. So many, in fact, I've lost the urge to hug them, either that, or lost the urge to embarrass my family!

Char said...

I have to second the motion of thunderstorms - lalalaLOVE them!!Actually, I cannot fall asleep without my headphones in with a thunderstorm track playing.
Loved reading about your "T" loves!

shirley said...

Great job, Jayne!
I have been avoiding your post until I had my 10 picked out, because I was assigned the same letter from Sherry. Oh, I don't have it posted yet, but I have picked out my 10 that start with T. Look for it today or tomorrow.