Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Zoo

Today I took Jacob and Abbie to the zoo here in Richmond (Sam didn't go due to his behavior but that is another story...) The zoo here is fairly small and privately owned therefore very different from our Omaha zoo.

I was couldn't believe how active the animals were today! I was thinking with it being in the 90s the animals would all be lazing around but not so they were very active and entertaining. We had a great time - although I have to say that I never met a zoo I didn't like. Something about strolling along at your own pace with your family watching the antics of animals makes me so happy!

Here are a few photos from our day :)

Abbie feeding the birds:
Jacob with his bird:
The coolest thing was feeding the giraffe:


Lee said...

Totally fun! I avoid our zoo because it's on the complete other side of Toronto, but your giraffe is making me reconsider. So glad you had a good time - even with the Sam-story :)

Cori said...

I totally agree about the Omaha Zoo. It's one of the things we miss too. Although I love the pandas down here!

Becky said...

Looks like fun!
Too bad Sam missed out. We've definitely been there as well.

Stacey said...

How cool - feeding a giraffe???