Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fill-ins

It's Friday! Time for Friday Fill-ins (haven't done one in awhile) be sure to check out a fun give away at the bottom of this post!

1.) You have the chance to start over every single day.
2.) Abbie is baking lemon pound cake right now!
3.)There is a great many things I want to do.
4.) Play now and pay later.
5.)It's time to get back to scrapping I have taken much to long of a break and I am missing my creative outlet!
6.) Jacob's high school schedule for next year is up in the air but we will figure it all out.
7.) And as for the weekend, tonight I am looking forward to having nothing scheduled, tomorrow my plans include haircuts for the boys, Sam's basketball game and some football, and Sunday I want to scrapbook after Abbie's indoor soccer game and shopping for a new computer.

Be sure to stop by my friend Char's blog - she is having an awesome give away for an Ella e-book! :0)

Happy Friday,


Courtney said...

Hey Jayne! I love your blog. It's so fresh and cute. Check out my blog to see the award you won. Keep up the happy blogging! Courtney

Kyla said...

What a wonderful list! I marvel at how you get all the things you do, crammed in and still have time to breathe! lol How DO you do it?!

(*P.S. You have another award over on my blog if you wish to accept. We all think you're wonderful. ;))

mikkilee said...

Love your blog! What are the awards?

Kan Lume said...

Such a well designed blog!