Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Friends!

Some of you have noticed me "missing" on-line (thank you for the sweet e-mails!) Around Thanksgiving, I was feeling stressed about all the things I wanted and needed to do over the holidays and at the top of the list was to enjoy the time with my family. The only way for me to do this it seemed was to get rid of some of the stress I was feeling and the only way I could find to do that was to eliminate some things from my daily routine.

As much as I wish I could have gotten rid of laundry and cleaning to add time to my day - I ended up giving up the computer (for the most part) and scrapbooking. Gasp! It was hard at first but the time I usually spent doing those things was quickly filled up with holiday preparations and then holiday traditions.

The weird thing is - I am having a hard time getting my grove back after being away from it so long! I am over whelmed with my google reader (apparently everybody did not take time off from blogging!) and I find myself thinking - I will blog today but then it never happens. But here I am now on the 7th of January and I hope this will be the start of regular postings again.

With the New Year comes goals and resolutions for a lot of people and I am no different. Of course, I am on the weight loss ban wagon but I am also interested in focusing on a few small projects that I don't like each day so that I can do the things I like guilt free. Working out a plan for this now and hope to have it in effect by the 15th.

Hope you are all enjoying 2010 so far and I look forward to spending part of it with you!


Char said...

So nice to see you are back my friend! I too am overwhemed with my reader. I have left them there because I figure with the happenings in the next week, I will have time to read them all! LOL. Looking forward to more posts from you and that you get back into that awesome groove of yours!
Love ya!

Becky said...

Glad to see you again! I miss chatting with you!
I'm really trying to cut down on my computer time as well.

I was way behind on the blogs as well and ended up reading the ones that were really important to me (friends) and marking the rest as read. I plan to delete blogs that are no longer of interest to me throughout the year.

The Bell Family said...

Well, hello there! Isn't it amazing how the vehicle meant to help you unwind (the computer) can succeed in making things so much more complicated? I have been me! Glad to see you back. I have been taking such a long break from scrapping, but I am starting to feel the itch (my DT work with my LSS starts this week), so I am looking forward to some FS classes for some inspiration! When will the new lineup be announced? :)

shirley said...

Great to see you blogging again, Jayne!

Kyla said...

So glad to see you back to blogging! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I took off this past summer and it was extremely hard to get back in the groove, but it WILL come back to you in time. I've been cutting back on my computer time as well. I'm still searching for that happy medium! Maybe in time we will both find it! lol