Thursday, December 4, 2008

Choose Joy - Mail

I love mail :) Always have. When I was younger, I was the first one home from school and I would always get the mail even though most of the time it wasn't for me. Then, when I went to high school and college I really got into mail - loved writing and receiving letters (yes - this was before I owned a computer or before I had even heard of the Internet much less e-mail!) Now, even though letter writing has sadly gone by the way side for the most part there is still that part of me that gets excited everyday to check the mail. You just never know what will be in there and it is like a little surprise at the end of every day! So...mail gives me JOY! Hmmmm - wonder what is waiting for me today?! Better go check!


Stacy said...

Jayne, I share your simple joy. I love coming home and seeing a lot of mail in our mailbox. We even get a lot of packages, but sadly they are usually for my hubby. I guess I need to order more things online, and I would get some packages too!

Jenny said...

I love checking the mail...even though most of it's junk anyway!