Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Choose Joy - Music

Sherry put up a great December challenge - to choose JOY! From her blog challenge post: "Look for JOY each day and blog about it. It might be something as big as attending a wedding or as small as how cozy your slippers's up to you. CHOOSE to find" What a great idea!

Being in the midst of moving I will not commit to blogging everyday but I do commit to taking a few quiet moments to reflect on the simple joys in my life each and every day this month. I will try to share them here and there with you :)
Today while waiting in the car to pick up Abbie from school, I was looking at all the houses decked out in their Christmas finery and caught myself feeling a little sad that our home is not decorated with Christmas fun but with cardboard boxes. Then I flipped on the radio and the sweet sound of Christmas music greeted me. Wow - a total turn around! I love Christmas music. The music fills me with JOY!

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