Thursday, July 23, 2009

A list to catch up :)

I am finally back home and feeling a little more caught up on things :) Thought I would share a brief recap of some of the things we did on our trip...

  • Left home June 26th for a 3 weeks trip.
  • Put 2200 miles on our new car.
  • Drove through 9 states.
  • Spent a fabulous weekend catching up with our friends the Sipich's.
  • Enjoyed music, beer, food and general fun at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Spent time at both of Don's brother's houses - letting the kids play and enjoying some time together.
  • Put my 10 year old daughter on a plane to Omaha, NE all by herself. (so proud!)
  • Don flew home to Virginia
  • Spent a fun evening catching up with my sister and family at Hidden Lake's festival in Merrillville, Indiana.
  • Abbie spent a week at Camp Kitaki in Lincoln NE - her 3rd time. She LOVES it!
  • Went to Connie and Dave's house on the Lake for the 4th and got rained on.
  • Ate at our favorite local joints in Indiana.
  • Went to the casino boats and only lost $4.00 (that is a win in my book!)
  • Did lots of shopping and got some great new shirts for my birthday.
  • Jacob and Sam did a ton of fishing at my Mom's.
  • We went to several movies.
  • We toured the out Sheriffs house and jail in Crown Point, Indiana where Dillinger escaped from jail. Very interesting!
  • Went to a classic car show that had my Dad and Jacob drooling!
  • Zoe (our dog) is the best traveler of the bunch :)
  • Went to dinner with a friend I have know since I was born and it was like we were never apart - so nice!
  • Had an awesome scrapbook weekend with friends in Chicago! So much fun getting creative and catching up with each other!
  • Drove back to Virginia with my Mom, the kids and the dog (lets just say the girl were all well behaved - me, my mom, Abbie and Zoe and the boys - Jacob and Sam - not so much.
  • Spent a few days doing things like hanging pictures and shopping for rugs.
  • Took my mom to Belle Island - one of our favorite Richmond parks
  • Spent the last week since she left catching up on laundry and things around the house.
  • Whew!
A big thanks to my Mom and Dad and to Don's Mom for putting us up and putting up with us :)


Stacey said...

Wow Jayne - what a fantastic trip - you are a lucky lucky girl. I have decided that next summer I will do something similar - i will spend 3 or 4 weeks back in Montana and Wyoming - just me and the kids - doing whatever comes to mind. This summer I did not get enough time with family and friends back home!

Becky said...

Sounds like a whirlwind! Glad you are back! i missed you. ;-)