Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Sweet Baker

When we went to the library earlier this week Abbie got lots of book - including several cookbooks - namely cookie cook books. I love to cook and Abbie has spent lots of time in the kitchen with me learning to cook. I am not much of a baker - I don't like to be precise in my cooking and with baking you need to follow the recipe more closely then I like. Which brings me to Abbie - you see she is a major sweets girl. She love anything sweet but especially chocolate! So naturally she would want to make sweet treats.

She asked if she could make cookies all by herself from this cookbook she got. Sure, why not?! I have to say - they turned out perfect and were wonderful! I am sure she is planning her next treat as I write :) I am so proud that she is already wanting to cook and doing such a great job.

I already made a scrapbook page about this yesterday but it is for the Sketchapalooza class going on right now. I will share it with you when class is over :)
Hope you are enjoying this summer day!

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Stacey said...

Loved the page! And those are some perfect and yummy looking cookies!