Thursday, September 24, 2009

8 Things: About Jr. High School

Having two children in middle school has me reminiscing about what it was like when I was in middle school (we called it jr. high and went for grades 7,8 and 9) I honestly *loved* the three years I spent at Peirce Jr. High School in Merrillville, Indiana. It was much more about being social for me then about academics! So today for my 8 things, I have made a list of the things I look back fondly on about jr. high.

1.) Friends - I was all about my friends at this age. I loved going to school because it meant I got to be with my friends all day long and after school I spent all night long talking on the phone with them. Weekends? More time to spend with friends. I had a great "group" of friends and they were my whole world.

2.) Boys - yep - we talked about them, dreamed about them, flirted with them, sighed over them, cried over them, and laughed about them.

3.) Pom-poms - I loved belonging to a group, going to practices (again with my friends), and best of all going to football games - so. much. fun.

4.) Lunch - that strange combination of social hour and meal time. We ate the weirdest things - tater tots dipped in butter being a favorite of our table. I spent the time gossiping and making plans for the weekend - oh and the food fights - yes they occurred like in the movies - someone would turn the lights off and madness would ensue until a teacher got to the lights. The girls and I would usually hit the deck under the tables while the boys let loose with the food.

5.) Age - this was a great age to be - old enough to have some independence but young enough to not have many responsibilities.

6.) Belonging - it was a time of great security for me. I belonged. I knew my place in the social network and I had a clear definition of who I was. There was something very comforting about that.

7.) Communication - notes, notes, notes. Because we had no computers or cell phones then we actually wrote each other hand written notes and passed them in between classes. It was not uncommon to be handed several notes by different friends between classes. Then I would write back during the next class and so on. Amazing how much writing we did!

8.)Symbols - long before the LOL's of today my friends and I had all kinds of symbols and written ways to convey a message to each other. A few: BBB = blackberry brandy (which we tried once and thought we were cool so we wrote it on out notes) CTB = Cindy the Bitch (a girl I didn't like in school - we each had one) CTF = Craig the fox (one boy I had a crush on) etc...

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Lee said...

Oh Jayne, that made me laugh out loud. Now with two at that stage - grade 7 and grade 9, I remember the same kinds of things. Totally forgot about the symbols! Hmm, must ponder my memories of middle school (which was always middle school for me, no Jr. High here!)

shirley said...

A great list! Not sure I remember all that much about middle school! All I know is that my current middle schooler seems to have a lot of drama!