Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam!

We have been celebrating Sam's 12th birthday! First was mini-golf and go-karts, then dinner at the melting pot, pineapple upside down cake (by request) and presents.

In honor of my middle son, I thought I would share 15 things about Sam today...

*He loves to sing and listens to a very wide variety of music.
*He likes to to collect things - currently it is old gameboy color games.
*He is full of drama - both good and bad.
*He likes the colors red and black.
*He keeps his room neat.
*He has a natural swagger when he walks.
*He has curly hair that when he decides to take time with it will make the girls swoon.
*He still likes pokemon and legos but doesn't always like to admit it.
*He hates to be rubbed but likes to be hugged.
*He is a movie buff (and especially loves old ones).
*He is a middle child and has lots of the characteristics that goes along with that.
*He needs to be entertained and always likes to be with someone.
*He is good eater - will try anything and is not picky at all.
*He is 12 and starts middle school (6th grade) on September 8th.
*He is loved.

Happy Birthday Sam!

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Lee said...

Sounds like a wonderful day ... and a wonderful boy :) I haven't heard of pineapple upside down cake since I was 12 and making it for my dad! Thanks for those lovely memories, Jayne *hug*