Wednesday, March 7, 2012

8 things: Pinterest

I started pinning a couple of months ago (you can check out my pins here ) and I am having such fun with it. Here are 8 reasons why:
1.) Sharing - It is a great place to share things. For example - my sister and I have a mutual board that we can both post to so that we can show each other things.
2.) Inspiration - Wow! So many new things to try. I love being surrounded by artists - you all make me want to make things.
3.) Laughs - hilarious things. Some things I think but would never have the nerve to say :)
4.) Friends - seeing things that inspire my friends helps me to feel closer to them. Love that I can follow my friends.
5.) Storage - a great place to keep things like recipes that I want to try (and I have actually tried several things I have pinned!)
6.) Endless - you will never run out of interesting things to see. Since you can pin most anything on the Internet there is always something new.
7.) Beauty - such beautiful images to see. A virtual fest for the eyes.
8.) Fun - quick and easy. If I have a few minutes to kill, I can pop over to pinterest and get inspired.
If you haven't gotten sucked into pinterest yet - I highly recommend it! :)

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