Friday, March 30, 2012

Movies or Books?

I just got back from seeing the Hunger Games and I can't help but compare the movie to the book. As always, the book wins out. Don't get me wrong -  I think the movie was well done and I enjoyed it very much but I still felt like something was missing. And something was...the rich detail and back story that can only come from a book. The movie would have had to be 6 hours long to capture all the little details.

I love movies - they are a great escape and I would hate never to see one again BUT given the choice to give up movies or books? No question - books would win out. I feel blessed that I like so many others know the joy of a well written book. How about you? Would you pick movies or books?

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Stacey said...

I didn't read or see th movie yet. But both Macey and Connor have read the books. They were both so excited to see the movie and Macey went and was horribly disappointed. She was so bummed!!
I love books and I love to watch the movies of books!!! :)