Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Day

I got a call bright and early at 6 am today that there would be no school for the kids today. I will admit to being irritated that they interrupted me during a deep sleep that I could not get back to but now that I am more awake I am happy. The kids get to sleep in and they will be thrilled with the unexpected day off and so will I. It is a great opportunity to spend time together :)

Being raised in a wintery climate, I always think they are wimpy here in Virginia. Calling off school at the slightest flake falling from the sky ~ this is only our second snow of the year and I have no doubt it will melt by tomorrow. I remember winters in Indiana when it would snow in early November and continue to snow through late April - never seeing a patch of grass during that time. No way could they have called off school every time - we never would have gone! BUT I do remember the rare occasion when it was really bad (like snowed in bad!) and we would get off school. What a thrill an unexpected day off is when you are a kid!

So I will take this extra day with my kids and savor it - stay in jammies, bake some cookies and let the hot cocoa flow!

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