Thursday, March 22, 2012


(Jacob ready for ROTC Feb 2012)

Last night my oldest son (in 10th grade) handed me a form from school and declares "I have decided to run for student counsel historian" I am ashamed to admit that my first thoughts were all hesitation - What if no one votes for him? What if he slacks off and does a bad job? What if it requires a bunch of work/nagging from me? What if he is disappointed?

Yes, I almost let my own insecurities discourage my son - almost! I caught myself and talked with him in a positive way about why he wanted to do it and the possible outcomes good and bad. Without knowing it HE helped me to understand it will be OK either way. You see my son is obviously more secure then his mama and I am so very proud of him! So campaign and elections here he comes!

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Becky said...

Good luck, Jacob!
Jayne, you and I are soooooo alike. (HUGS)