Thursday, October 15, 2009

8 Things: About Abbie

Abbie taken Sept 2009 while mini-golfing

Today is Abbie's eleventh birthday. How can my sweet baby girl be 11? I am so lucky and blessed to have a daughter like Abbie! For my 8 things Wednesday I thought it would be a great time to share 8 Things I love about Abbie :)
1.) She is driven. She sets a goal and goes after it - whether it is saving money or playing soccer - she works hard to get the job done.
2.) She is beautiful. Of course, I can not help but look at her through a mothers eyes but everyday I catch a glimpse of beauty in her.
3.) She is silly. She is not afraid to let loose and joke around - giggle and have fun.
4.) She is an animal lover. She loves animals of all kinds and I am so proud that she is taking the steps to volunteer at our local shelter.
5.) She is smart. Amazingly so - it is such a comfort to always hear good reports about Abbie when I hear from teachers.
6.) She is caring. She is always willing to lead a hand - she makes efforts to help the environment, her classmates, her family and her friends.
7.) She is changing. Each new day she seems to change in subtle ways as she reaches toward the teen years. It is amazing to watch it happen.
8.) She is a mama's girl. From the time she was born Abbie and I have had a special bond - she has always reached for me first and I am more then happy to have my arms wide open to welcome her.

Happy Birthday Baby - I love you so very much!


Becky said...

How sweet. I hope Abbie has the most wonderful birthday!

thekreativelife said...

What a wonderful 8 Things Thursday! Happy Birthday Abbie!

Char said...

Happy Birthday Abbie!
I love reading your "8 Things". I will have to join in on the fun!