Monday, October 5, 2009

Best Shot Monday - 10/05/09

Hmmmm...Monday already is it? Not sure why but the photos on my camera from this past week were sadly lacking. So today I will share some photos of my daughter who has very straight hair. We have talked for awhile that it would be fun to put lots of braids in then take them out so she could have "fluffy hair." We did just that - it was fun for a day :)

Have a good week!


shirley said...

Oh, How cute! I use to do the same thing with my hair. I even got a perm :-O (I don't suggest that for your DD!). Thanks for the blog award - I'm getting the post ready!

Me said...

Very Cute! I have to tell you a funny story. Once when we went to Cancun, Sena (whos hair was about the same length at the time as Abbies is now, had her entire head braided ($30. - what a deal for me - took 3 hours). Anyway she kept it in for 2 months (june-august. We were driving home froma Nationals tumbling meet in Kentucky and the girls in the back seat got board, so they unbraided Senas hair. Looked really cute. So when we got home, she wshed her hair, and came out of the bathroom CRYING! Seems that when she was combing her wet hair, BUCKETS of hair fell out. We actually FILLED a tall grocery bag with it. Come to find out, that was all the natural "hair loss" one normally has, but since her hair was in braids, it stayed in the braid. It was very wierd, and I wish I would have take pictures!!!
Take care and have a good day!

Becky said...

How Cute! Braids are a fun way to get temporary waves. When we've done Kelsey's her waves only last a bout half a day.....she has stubbornly straight hair.LOL