Thursday, October 29, 2009

8 Things: Halloween

Since Halloween is almost upon us, I thought it would be fun to list the things I love about Halloween for this weeks 8 Things.

1.) The time of year. I love all things fall and Halloween is right smack in the middle of it.
2.) Pumpkins - love, love, love pumpkins! It is just so festive to see pumpkins all over the neighborhood!
3.) Costumes - it is always fun to help the kids think up what they can be for Halloween then to go on the hunt for everything they need to dress up
4.) Decorating the house - any chance to mix things up a bit and get in the spirit! We go for more of a fall look then a spooky one around here :)
5.) Pumpkin goodies - pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, etc...Yum!
6.) Adventure - I love seeing my kids go out with adventure in their eyes and a smile on their face.
7.) Little visitors - so much fun seeing all the kids at my door (especially the littlest ones!)
8.) Candy - sitting with the kids while they dump out the goods and show me all the "loot" then sampling a few of my favorites (heath bars and twix)

Hope you enjoy Halloween this year :)

1 comment:

Stacey said...

I also love the entrance of fall decorating and all things pumpkin! We have had more fun this year with costumes than fun when they start to have a strong opinion. :)