Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Fill-ins 10/9/09

We got "boo'd" a few nights ago with a hit and run goody bag left on the porch. Fun! The kids had even more fun sneaking out after dark to leave our "boos" on two other neighborhood porches. :)

1. Sweet dreams is what I almost always have - I have only had a hand full of bad dreams in my lifetime.
2. It is so hard to get up when it is dark outside, especially for me.
3. Silliness in the form of made up songs is common around our home!
4. I think we will have more kids then ever stop at our house this Halloween.
5. Outstanding or not, I do not agree with Obama getting the Peace Prize.
6. Sweets are what I want right now! (I have been wanting sweets in the worst way lately!)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym then a movie with the kids, tomorrow my plans include watching Abbie play soccer then finishing up getting ready for my parents visit and Sunday, I want to spend time with my Mom and Dad!

Hoping all my Canadian friends have a happy Thanksgiving this weekend!

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