Thursday, October 1, 2009

8 Things: Meals I would love to have again!

It is no secret that I love food. I really enjoy trying new flavor combinations and foods from all different cultures and areas. I have eaten so many wonderful, yummy things over the years but today I am going to list 8 meals that I would love to eat again.

1.) Fresh Salmon from Vancouver, Canada. I enjoyed this meal in 1990 at a fairly fancy restaurant in Canada. I was attending a conference for work in Seattle, WA and 5 coworkers and I made the trip over the border and enjoyed a fabulous evening. The Salmon was out of this world and like nothing I have had since.

2.) Morning After Pancakes from Texas. In 1996, Don and I took a trip to San Antonio, TX. While there we drove up into the hills and stopped at a little out of the way bakery for breakfast. I ordered their speciality "Morning After Pancakes" Oh my! Apparently they crumble up the danish from the day before into the battery and let me tell you it was fantastic - with or without syrup. YUM!

3.) Garlic Soup & Warm Crusty Bread from Austria. While driving through the mountains in 1999 we stopped in a little village and had lunch at a pub type restaurant. We sat at a charming little table that had a magnificent view while we enjoyed the best soup I have ever had. A perfect blend of flavors then add to that warm crusty bread - close to heaven I tell you!

4.) Potato Pierogi from St. Michael's church in Merrillville, Indiana. Made from scratch by the older polish church ladies, served on paper plates, and dripping with butter in the church basement surrounded by families young and old. So melt in your mouth, stick to your ribs, warm your soul good.

5.) Scallops from Narragansett, Rhode Island. While vacationing we had dinner at a little dive that was located right where the fishing boats come in. Newspaper covered tables, food served in red baskets, prices dirt cheap, seafood right from the boat. We sampled lots of yummy seafood that night including lobster, crab and various fish - all very good - but the scallops - oh the scallops. So smooth and buttery- not tough or chewy at all and the perfect flavor.

6.) Garlic Chicken & Thai Beef Salad - Thai Spice in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha would be the last place I would expect to find good Thai food but it is there! We ordered take out from Thai Spice every other Friday and they knew us and knew our tastes (we like it HOT!) and it was fantastic. I miss it - a lot. Let's just say my mouth is actually watering as I write this. Sad, I know.

7.) Fire Roasted Vegetables & Garlic - Bistro 110 Chicago, Illinois. Although there are many tempting things on the menu, no matter how many times I go I have to order the Roasted Vegetables. Love the taste and the beautiful colors of the food. The garlic? Oh just think about it...baked until it is soft and buttery served whole by the head with warm bread and butter. You stink for days but it is well worth it.

8.) Greek Olives and Stew at the Flame in Santorini, Greece. Another little place Don and I discovered on our travels - a hike to get there but oh so worth it. The view of the Aegean Sea was spectacular and the food was glorious. A whole bowl of Greek olives and a stew that I can't even name - filled with all sorts of veggies and lots of potatoes with some kind of tomato base. So stinkin' good.

Not even hungry right now but boy do I want to eat!

Join in and share your 8 things today here.


Kyla said...

YUMMY! Okay . . . it's almost lunch time and you've made me hungry. I'm off to scrounge something up. lol

Lee said...

Oh my, I used to do so much travelling and I could remember towns by their FOOD :) Great list!

Stacey said...

Oh wow! Everything sounds amazingly delicious!!!